How to choose the best microscope for you?

Choosing the best microscope for you can be a meticulous process. The entire decision making drill is quite fun too. Your selection in microscope depends on your preferences. Do you want to examine larger objects? Do you want to enjoy higher magnification? Would you like to go with a digital microscope? These are some of the question you need to answer in the first place. If you are buying microscope for your kids, you need to choose kid friendly microscopes. The application and purpose of your microscope requires consideration. There are amateur level, advanced level and institution specific microscopes.

Higher power microscopes for more magnification power:

High power microscope helps look at tiniest of objects. You can examine things like blood cells, bacteria, insect legs etc… For hobbyists, this is the perfect microscope, since they help see invisible objects. It makes you immerse into a world unknown. These models can zoom up to 1000X while having light under specimen. The light passes through specimen to make the image visible. Purchase model which feature built in light source. The ones with mirrors are hardly seen in market today.


Low power microscopes to see larger things:

Low power microscopes are used to examine larger objects. They employ both top and bottom light. Thus they are the best to look at transparent objects. Magnifying power in low power microscopes are in range of 10X to 80X. Specimens generally include coins, insect wings, stamps, smaller electrical components etc… They are sometimes referred to as stereo microscopes. Common magnifications in this segment are 20, 30 and 40X. You wouldn’t want to see collector items like coins only in low power microscopes.

The traditional vs. digital microscope debate:

Things have changed with technological advancements. Field of microscopes is no exception. There are digital microscopes available on market today. They can be connected with computers for advanced data processing. It comes with a digital camera to help analyze live feeds. The cameras and storage helps snap and keep records of images. They come with advanced software to do a lot of functions. You can make measurements and add text to the images. You don’t have to go with digital microscopes unless you require them. If you would like to process images from microscope with help of your computer, digital microscope is worth the investment.

Once you considered the above discussed factors, you can make better assessment of microscopes from top brands.

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